Black Ginevra Collar in Leather with...
Black Ginevra Collar in Leather with...
Black Ginevra Collar in Leather with...
Black Ginevra Collar in Leather with...
Black Ginevra Collar in Leather with...

Black Ginevra Collar in Leather with Chrome Finishes


With an essential spirit, this black Ginevra collar in leather stands out for its meticulous stitching. Featuring chrome finishes, it's a must-have for casual outings. Equipped with a Porta-Tag and an Always Ready D-Ring.

Circumference of the neck
Product width
Maximum dog weight


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Just like the Swiss city it's named after, the black Ginevra collar in leather is recognized for its essential nature and the precision of its finishes, akin to the accuracy of Swiss timepieces. Ethically selected Italian greased leather and high-quality chrome hardware come together to create an accessory with a minimalist spirit, showcasing the craftsmanship of Made in Italy. Complete with a dedicated Porta-Tag and an Always Ready D-Ring.

White Bronze
Greased Italian Leather

100% Made in Italy (Valenza)

2-year warranty

Designed for pets

Carefully selected materials

Made in Italy

Every detail of this product is crafted in our workshop in Valenza (AL), Italy. From concept to packaging, everything comes to life here, in a friendly and comfortable working environment, where a team of passionate individuals employs their expertise to offer a unique accessory to pet lovers and their four-legged friends.

Vegetable-Tanned Leather

The leather used is vegetable-tanned, without chromium or harmful chemicals to the planet and causing allergies. This artisanal treatment is performed on high-quality hides to preserve their natural characteristics and make each accessory unique and timeless. Product photos are indicative, as color variations are characteristic of the vegetable tanning process, just like the finest 100% Made in Italy leather accessories.

Tag holder

The convenient ring that facilitates attaching the tag to the collar.

Were you forgetting about her? Engrave your pet's tag for free, hang it comfortably on the tag holder, and go exploring!

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